The Key to the Future

The Dunraven Mission


The Key to the Future 
Sustainability is an opportunity for us to see the hospitality industry from a social, economic and environmental perspective. The growth in tourism is increasing the carbon impact the hospitality industry is having and visitors to hotels are actively seeking green initiatives from businesses. By acting right now, in this moment, we are ensuring that The Dunraven is future proofed for achieving the highest levels of sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

The Dunraven Mission
At the Dunraven, it is our goal to achieve a successful sustainable approach. We want our guests to experience our level of ‘being green’ along with enjoying the luxuries of the hotel. When you come to stay with us, you are choosing a hotel that cares. Everything we do and everything we strive to achieve is about making a positive impact on the world around us. 

We Care
Reducing our Environmental Impacts 
By creating awareness amongst our teams, we are doing our best not only to reduce our carbon footprint but to create a positive and optimistic environment for both our employees and guests. Immense focus is put on coming up with extensive initiatives to reduce our carbon emissions both during staff inductions and trainings. 
How can we make a difference?
  • At The Dunraven, we collaborate with our refuse collector once a year where training on waste management and up to date recycling standards is provided to all our staff, thus creating an awareness among all our team members.
  • In 2020 we started to produce our own herbs and micro herbs in the Dunraven garden, enriched by our own compost produced from some of our organic waste.
  • The remainder of our organic/food waste is removed from onsite and recycled as compost and converted into biofuel by our selected food waste collector.
  • We have one general waste bin and four recycling bins in our skip area which equates to an 80% recyclable rate of non-organic material. 
  • 100% of the meat we serve is supplied by local farmers and butchers in the Munster Region.
  • All our fish and seafood are sourced from the west coast of Ireland, where they are sustainably landed from waters by quotas to support fish populations.
  • In 2020, we constructed several insects ‘suites’ for The Dunraven garden, this helps and allows us to promote diversity and shelter to our precious insects and bugs.
  • We use energy saving light bulbs throughout the hotel. 
  • In the bar we use recyclable and compostable straws, coasters and take away cups.
  • We use physical keys for accessing guest bedrooms as opposed to plastic key cards.
  • We encourage and ask that our Leisure Centre members bring their own water bottles instead of providing single use paper cups. 
  • We have our own garden well which helps us save with water conservation.
  • We are members of Repak, which helps Irish businesses meet their legal obligation to recycle packaging.